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S’no Joke has an official Mountain Biking Group!

Linne Pullar  | Published on Thursday, April 10, 2014

S’no Joke has an official Mountain Biking Group! This grass roots group started with Jeff Starr and Mike Nolan planting notions of  traversing mountain trails in the minds of other like-minded S’no Joke members. From here the group grew member-by-member into a forest of rugged fun-loving off-road enthusiasts.


The Mountain Biking group is open to all members whether you’re a hardcore mountain climbing goat or a newbie looking to explore the fun of traversing a mountain on wheels. We have activities ranging from green training runs to black-diamond hardcore elevation climbs. This sport requires endurance, core strength, balance, biking know-how and self-reliance. If you have those qualities, you’re our kind of member, so join us as we hit the dirt for some extreme fun!


Mountain Biking coordinator, Jeff Starr, will keep you informed of organized and not-always-organized treks, trips, and training happenings through S’no Joke communications:

Mountain Biking page. Go to the S’no Joke site, login and then choose Mountain Biking – Members from the Trips menu to read about our various trips and activities. Contact information and helpful tips for enjoying this sport will be posted on that page.

Event Calendar. We will post club-sponsored Mountain Biking trips and rides to the Event Calendar, so make sure you check the calendar often and RSVP.

Mountain Biking forum. Join the Mountain Biking forum to stay up to date on trips and spur-of the moment last-minute rides that can be anytime anyplace any day.

Inside Edge. Major trips and treks will be promoted in the S’no Joke newsletter, so be sure to read it each month and stay current on what’s coming up.


Tune your mountain bike, pack up your backpack with clothes and essentials for trailside repairs, grab your water bladder and meet us at the trailhead.